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Halloween Nightmare - Lost in a horrific nightmare

It seems that in the darkness world of Halloween Nightmare - a new mobile game developed by BKGM Studio, any kind of object or creature can be deadly.

Lost in a horrific nightmare
In the raging and destructive storm, an unknown man wake up from his slumber only to see himself in a strange room and his head tortured by consecutively headache. Following the trail of a white ghost, he gradually realizes that he’s been trapped in his worst nightmare, the one that he may not ever wake up from. He of course decided to go against his fate and just like that, his journey into the world of Halloween Nightmare begins.who is there.png

Danger everywhere
Any kind of object or creature can be deadly in this world full of darkness. Players are welcomed by floating chandeliers, just waiting to drop down and send you straight to your doom. Thus, you will have to be extremely cautious in each steps, for the hidden danger lurking in almost everywhere.
The dark space with black-white based color increase your chance of falling into the traps. You can see and dodge the spike-trap, but are you conscious enough to see that the mound in the other side is more dangerous. You can handle the arrow from the cursed statue, but are you flexible enough to dodge the bow also.nem cung.png

Extremely intense with enemy all around
In order to survive, you can’t lose your guard for not even one second. The harms come not only from scary creature like the giant spider but from the silently plant also. The ancient tree can summon its roots, or just some random falling apple is enough to take you down.
All creatures in the forest are full of bizzare, but you can also make use of them for your journey. Giant mushroom can help you leap higher than ever, or the bombarding frog can take care of big obstructions along the way.ech.png

Brainstorm and patience challenging
To conquer all the challenge in Halloween Nightmare, players need not only observation ability and flexible deductive and quick reflexes but also need a lot of patience. The level of difficulty and the uncomfortable control system can be really challenging for most players. Instead of touch to move like many other games, Halloween Nightmare force players to hold and drag on the screen to move your character.
For that reason, it’s hard for starters to get acquainted and therefore they’ll have to die unexpectedly and unreasonably. The lacks of some tutorial at game start will make some players don’t know what to do and take them some time just to understand how to play.

Sudden Ending: Is something missing?
The mystery is gradually revealed along the path of the young man, about the girl who stole his heart, and the white ghost that lead him into this world. The events follow the main character’s step can make you unable to wait for the whole story. But Halloween Nightmare suddenly stop after some level and can make players a little bit empty. Is this some way to provoke players’s curiosity or it’s just that the game is still in developing process.
It’s undeniable that Halloween Nightmare is an appropriate game for the incoming Halloween. The monotonic black-white based color can be hard for the players, especially with those with a small-screen mobile. But the creepy and liveliness music can be an advantage. Just with the additional of the following level, Halloween Nightmare can gain the favor of the mobile game fans, especially fans of the Limbo-style game.
Halloween Nightmare is a production of Vietnamese Studio: BGKM - a young and potential game making group, consist of some senior students of Hanoi University of Science. Some other quality production from this studio: Slap Rat, White Drop, …


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